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Our fees vary depending on the type of services you are seeking. If you're a mental health professional seeking clinical consultation or an individual or business seeking non-clinical consultation, please call us at 410-873-7357


We accept payments in the form of credit card (including HSA and FHA), using a HIPAA payment systems. To secure your first appointment, you will be asked to place a credit card on file using this system, which will assist us in streamlining payments for future sessions.




In Network

Currently, we are a participating provider for:​

  • ​Johns Hopkins EHP

  • CareFirst BCBS


Out of Network
For all other insurance companies we are considered an out of network provider. If your insurance company offers out-of-network mental health benefits, you should receive some reimbursement for the cost of our services. We would be happy to provide the necessary documentation for you to receive reimbursement for our psychotherapy services.​

Questions to ask your insurance company if you're considering using out of network benefits: 

  • Do I have out-of-network mental health benefits that cover Telehealth visits?

  • What amount will I be reimbursed for the following Telehealth services with a licensed psychologist?

                  *CPT Code 90791 (initial consultation) 
                  *CPT Code 90837 (subsequent psychotherapy sessions) 

  • Is there a deductible I need to meet each year before I can begin to receive reimbursement for sessions?

  • Is there a session limit per year?

  • Is there preauthorization required? If so, what information do you need for this? Is there a specific form that needs to be filled out?​

No Surprises Act

In compliance with the No Surprises Act that went into effect January 1, 2022, we are required to notify all healthcare consumers of your Federal rights and protections against “surprise billing”. Learn more here and here


This Act requires that we notify you of your federally protected rights to receive a notification when services are rendered by a non-participating provider and provide options to receive care from an in-network provider if one is available. Additionally, we are required to provide you with a Good Faith Estimate of the cost of services for the duration of treatment. It is difficult to determine the true length of treatment for mental health care, but we will do our best to provide an estimate based on the average length of treatment. 

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