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Dr. Emery

Hello! I am Dr. Emery Ayers-Greenidge, a Licensed Psychologist who is Certified in Perinatal Mental Health. I have nearly 20 years of professional experience as a mental health clinician and consultant. My practice, matriARC, specializes in women's reproductive mental health, promoting wellness and resilience across a woman's entire lifespan. 

To learn more about me and my approach to therapy, please keep scrolling.

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Meet me!

Searching for a therapist can feel like a daunting task. Most therapist's profiles provides a brief introduction about themselves. But how can you tell what it will be like to actually work with them? Starting with a complementary phone consultation can help you and the therapist decide whether they're the right match for your needs. I want to help you get started in your process. I've made a short video so you can get a sense of who I am and what it might be like to meet with me.

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My Philosophy

I get it! The last thing most people want to do is see a therapist. There are so many demands for your time, and what good is talking to someone once a week going to do anyways? For many considering therapy brings up worries of inadequacy, fear of judgement, or worse...that it might mean you're crazy!

Because I'm professional, I'll say that's non-sense! Once we know each other a bit better, I might choose a more casual and colorful phrase. But regardless of how I word it, my overall philosophy is that you're human, you're NOT crazy, and above all, you're resilient! It is from this space that I approach my work.


My many clinical experiences and my easygoing personality have informed my relational, non-judgmental, collaborative and warm therapeutic style. Patients, colleagues and friends typically describe me as patient & kind, professional & authentic, and playful yet respectful.


My approach to therapy is attuned, non-judgmental, filled with reverent curiosity, deeply relational and has a nice dash of well timed humor. I understand people's struggles as being driven by both nature and nurture, with our behaviors and personalities being shaped and maintained by the systems (families, friendships, cultures, social structures, etc) in which we were raised, exist and have internalized. I see the therapeutic relationship as the tool for healing--our relationship is a lab for you to learn about yourself, challenge assumptions you've held about yourself and others, and try on new ways of being. I use an eclectic mix of evidenced based practices and I am heavily influenced by attachment theory and interpersonal psychology. With many skills at my disposal, I am able to tailor treatment plans specifically to your unique needs. 

I have had training, experience, education and expertise in many different areas of mental health care, including but not limited to self-esteem, relationship issues, anxiety, depression, reproductive mental health, and life transitions. However, I do not define my patients by their diagnosis or symptoms. Rather, I see people as they are: unique, dynamic and whole. 


I will actively work with you to help you see that you are not your struggles, while simultaneously helping you identify your strengths and find new coping tools to overcome your hurdles. 

Growth and Learning

I am committed to my own growth and learning, which is largely what brought me to the field of psychology. My job allows me to nurture my desire to better understand the human condition from an academic and practical perspective. As such, I regularly pursue continuing education opportunities to support my development and competence, and improve my knowledge of the latest advancements in my profession. In addition to having to meet state Continuing Education requirements to maintain my license, my certification in Perinatal Mental Health via Postpartum Support International requires additional annual education and training. I am also a current member of the Maryland Psychological Association.

I am an avid proponent of seeking consultation and professional support. I see diversity competency as an imperative in my field and am regularly asking myself and my colleagues if my bias may be getting in the way of my work with my patients. To this aim, I am involved in regular consultation where each licensed clinician supports, learns and grows from each other.


Clinicians and leaders in the field I admire are:

To learn more about my education, training and experience, please click here. I am licensed in the State of Maryland to practice Psychology (Maryland Psychologist License No. 06210).

Wherever you are in your life's journey, I am here to support you.

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