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matriARC is a modern psychotherapy practice in Maryland. Our practice is focuses on promoting mental wellness for women across their reproductive lifespan.


Our goal is to enhance psychological flexibility and quality of connection in people’s lives thereby impacting the wellbeing of the generations that follow them. By enhancing psychological awareness, emotional regulation and behavioral intentionality, we support our patients and our team members in playing an active role as the authors of the narrative arc of their lives. 

Core Values

Vulnerability and Authenticity.

We are open and accepting of all parts of ourselves, even the inconvenient and undesirable parts, in an effort to be authentic in our relationships and our work. We understand that without a willingness to be vulnerable, we place limitations on our growth potential and our ability to build connection. We see our vulnerability and authenticity as catalysts for vulnerability and authenticity in others.

Curiosity, Competence and Cultural Humility.

We challenge ourselves to remain ever curious and embrace a state of “not knowing” in the service of increasing our wisdom and remaining in the process. We regularly attend consultation and trainings to enhance our competence for the benefit of the community we serve. We acknowledge that we all have biases, challenge our assumptions and are open to being challenged by others to dismantle internalized systems of oppression in order to not further perpetuate oppression. We understand that cultural competence is a journey, not a destination. We acknowledge that we will make mistakes along the way, and commit to practicing the act of repair when we do.

Humor and Hope.

We see humor as a powerful facilitator of truth and connection and a way out of the darkness when hope is hard to find. Our humor enhances creativity, morale, reduces stress, and makes us a pleasure to work with as colleagues and as clinicians. We aim to bring laughter and light into the hearts of those with whom we serve to remind them of the possibilities that exist when we are in a state of play.

Compassion and Respect.

We believe that the most healing element of the therapeutic encounter is experience of being “felt." We do this by listening deeply, with reverence and non-judgement, to co-create an understanding of what is the source of pain and empathically collaborate on the creation of thoughtful plans of action. We see people as competent and capable and aim to utilize their own strengths as a source of their healing.

Accountability and Reliability.

We do what we say we are going to do and if we do not, we own up to our mistakes and do our best to make it better. Plain and simple.

Abundance and Community.

We believe there is enough for everyone to go around. We are engaged partners that celebrate the successes of our colleagues, hold space for their losses, and joyfully share our resources to support their growth. We understand that when we give, we also receive and that we all go farther when we go together.

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